Chitech CT-PC89E 8.9″ ARM11 Powered laptop runs Debian Linux

Posted by – March 20, 2010
Category: Laptops, Software, Samsung

User lkcl of got some samples of the Chitech CT-PC89E ARM Powered laptop with a Samsung ARM11 S3C6410 processor, a 1024×600 8.9in LCD screen, factory-upgradeable SO-DIMM which also has, in the standard low-cost option, 256mb of RAM and 2gb of NAND Flash, two internal USB2-capable PCI-express slots, which can take 50x30mm PCI-e cards. One is occupied with the RALink RT2070 WIFI, whilst the other is designed to take a 3G or an EDGE modem (bootup logo on this sample seems to show a China Mobile logo): there is even a slot for a SIM card next to the SD card slot.

According to lklc as shown in this video, this ARM Powered laptop has been hacked by to run:

Debian Lenny with a matchbox window manager and some GPE applications, due to the limited size of the root filesystem partition (450mb) and the fact that the factory haven’t been able to provide the Linux kernel source code yet. The important thing is that it proves that it’s possible to install your own OS on this machine.

You can find more informations about the Linux hacking going on for this device at: