JKK Mobile and Myself on the Meet:Mobility Live Podcast

Posted by – March 2, 2010
Category: CeBIT, Archos

Check out the recording of the live video coverage from this morning at 10AM from in front of the Archos booth at CeBIT 2010:

Thanks to JKK Mobile for the awesome live video upload system he’s using to broadcast live on the http://meetmobility.com/ setup by Chippy of UMPCportal.com. They are streaming during the whole of CeBIT every two hours or so at http://meetmobility.com/live/

Streaming live video from the CeBIT has been kind of like my dream, but I never got to actually experiment with live 3G and WiFi video streaming upload setups, good cameras, video capture, good sound, testing to make sure it works, having backup connections for optimal video bandwidth thropughput and working this way together with someone in a studio to do live video editing to coordinate more than one live video-blogger. So it is really fun to see JKK and Chippy achieve something like it, even though the 3G bandwidth doesn’t seem to be optimal in this case.