Lexmark Interact S605 and Lexmark Platinum Pro905 touch screen printers

Posted by – January 6, 2010

Lexmark are using embedded Linux, 4.3″ capacitative touch screens, WiFi and Ethernet Internet connections directly to the printer in combination with their Flash Lite based applications and features, one can automatically print things from the Internet.

Information about the Lexmark Interact S605: http://www1.lexmark.com/products/view/All-in-Ones/Lexmark-Interact-S605/catId=cat10004-category&prodId=5370-product

Information about the Lexmark Platinum Pro905: http://www1.lexmark.com/products/view/All-in-Ones/Lexmark-Platinum-Pro905/catId=cat10004-category&prodId=5474-product