World’s best device: Samsung Chromebook Plus review after 1 month use

Posted by Charbax – April 9, 2017

My impressions on the coolest ARM Powered Laptop yet, the Samsung Chromebook Plus ($419 top selling 2-in-1 on that features a Rockchip OP1 dual ARM Cortex-A72 with quad ARM Cortex-A53, ARM Mali-T860MP4 GPU. The performance is great on this device, with the firmware updates from Google also speeding things up regularly, this device is amazingly cool and aweome. But in this video I mention a few things I am hoping Google can improve in the software, mostly to do with improving the Android apps for productivity, I'd like a 4K video editor that works and that is hardware accelerated, I think that Google needs to help PowerDirector and Kinemaster get hardware acceleration and 4K video editing support on this device. Even better perhaps would be if Google could contact the Lumafusion developers and support them to port their 4K60 video editor to Android and optimized for the OP1 processor. Other missing apps in the Google Play store are Microsoft Office, Popcorn time, I don't want to be setting my Chromebook in Developer mode just to sideload apps that may not even be optimized for the Chromebook yet. Photo editors such as GIMP on Android, Adobe Photoshop need to get supported. Few more other productivity apps for developers, creatives, professionals and students I think need to get ported to this Chromebook Android device. Then Google also needs to improve the features of the stylus touch pen on this device, I'd like the stylus shortcuts and gestures allow to do productive work and study such as annotation collaboration, screen region selector saves to JPG to use as thumbnails in YouTube. In terms of the hardware, I am only hoping to be able to prove that USB Type-C SD card adapter to a USB3 Hard drive file transfers are fully fast enough (as fast as on any Intel Windows machine, hopefully), and also I hope to be able to prove that Wi-Fi performance is just as fast and reliable as with any other laptop. Except the missing backlight on the keyboard and the slightly smaller keyboard than full size, otherwise I think this laptop hardware is pretty much near perfect. It is now my main laptop, I just wish that I could do 4K60 video editing in a good Android video editing app, that the Android and the Chrome OS part get better integrated, for example when I save files in Android apps I want to be able to easily get access and upload these files from the Chrome OS Chrome Browser. I'll be posting more videos about my Samsung Chromebook Plus in the weeks and months ahead as I expect that it will get better with Google's full support. Samsung really needs to soon start selling it in Europe!

  • systemBuilder

    Google is a bunch of web programmers, everything we do is on the web. The only native apps we write (more or less) are the services, such as google search and gmail, and ChromeOS itself. As for Microsoft Office, now that MS-Office 365 Online is available, that is all you need. Web apps are the future (especially offline web apps, like Google Docs, Sheets, & Slides). Here at Google employees use 100% Google docs, sheets, slides, and hangouts. All our workstations and laptops are dumb web browsing devices. Nobody has a Windows machine. We even compile in the cloud. Workstations are just backup build devices. Code is not allowed on laptops at all.

  • I understand and this sounds great. But I may be forced to sell my Chromebook and to buy a Windows Machine now that YouTube wants to discontinue YouTube Editor on September 20th. As a video-blogger, I need to be able to edit some of my videos using basic editing tools like cut, trim, join clips, add titles, add watermark, zoom into video if possible, remove shakes in clips, add and edit audio tracks, slow down or accelerate clips, apply color filters or something else like that. While I couldn’t do all that in YouTube Editor, I was mainly using YouTube Editor for all my basic video editing needs on a Chromebook, it’d be easy, two clicks, save and a new edited clip is added to my YouTube. Now that it’d be gone, the only alternative I’ve yet found for web based video-editing is wevideo, wevideo seems better in some ways than YouTube Editor, but worse in others for example I cannot import clips from my YouTube channel, I have to re-upload clips to wevideo to edit them there, I cannot export edits to YouTube as Unlisted to edit titles, descriptions, tags and thumbnails before publishing it can only export to YouTube directly as Published which may send out bad clips to my subscribers, and it cannot support 4K at 60p, but it can do 4K at 25p and unlimited storage only if I pay $96/year for wevideo.

    I’ve hoped that video editing Android apps like Kinemaster or PowerDirector would support 4K and work on my Samsung Chromebook Plus, but it just seems that none of them work in 4K. Because they haven’t yet optimized for the specific Mali GPU, or something. Google doesn’t seem to provide neither Android video editing apps support for better video support (as Lumafusion on iOS has amazing 4K 60p video-editing support) nor does it look like Google is providing support for web based video editing solutions like Wevideo so they can get proper YouTube import and export support and perhaps also help them get 4K 60p support.

    All these issues as YouTube Editor is being discontinued (I guess because it’s based on Flash), it might force me as a video-blogger to get over to a Windows Machine. I really don’t want to but I may have to..