Swatch Sistem51 review, automatic, mechanical Swiss Watch for the mass market

Posted by Charbax – December 19, 2013

My unboxing and review of the new Swatch Sistem51, revolutionary ultra-simplified robot-automatic-manufactured, 51-part mechanical automatic wrist watch selling now in Switzerland for 150 Swiss Francs ($169), to be released in the USA/China in early 2014 and in the rest of the world later in 2014. This is the latest advancement in Swiss Watch Making technology, 90-hour power reserve, one screw holds everything together, with anti-magnetic structure. This significantly simplifies the mechanical automatic watch and makes it available to the mass market. Of course I want to see Swatch release real Smart Watches in 2014, using E Ink and LCD displays, using smart LEDs, Bluetooth 4.0, smart buttons, covering their watches with touch screens, including vibrators, microphones and speakers, all the while it's great to see such mechanical advancement for the Swiss Watch industry. I expect ARM Powered Smart Swatches for next year, they could perhaps even combine the battery powered ARM Processor with the automatic watch mechanics.

You can listen to Alexander Linz of's really interesting 45-minute interview with Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek here:

Swatch Sistem51

  • Maventwo

    Very interesting forthcoming years for smartwatches like Dick Tracy´s vision!

    But established watch makers will have competitors in companies like Samsung as this US patent show:

    Now when OLED on flexible substrate as Samsung “Youm” brand and LG have started to manufactoring.LG Chem have also recently announced that they have developed flexible Li-Ion battery tech which also can be made transparent.
    The OLEDs can also be partially or totally transparent when no current is on each subpixel or pixels.
    Today´s ITO=Indium-Tenn-Oxide as transparent conductor can´t fix on plastic and must have glass as substrate, this ITO-property will end the use of ITO as conductor material for multitouch display´s when OLED display´s will now be made flexible on plastic substrate.
    Samsung “Youm” amoleds brand are made on amorf polyamide substrate.

  • Samsung and LG will probably supply Swatch Group, Swatch sells something like 100 million watches per year, they have a whole manufacturing system setup which even Samsung and LG and especially not Apple nor Google can match up with anytime soon, what Swatch needs to do is to design robots to automatically manufacture Smart Watches of all kinds and designs and simply use their 10 thousand Swatch Stores worldwide to sell those and to dominate in the Smart Watch market also. Designing slim, light, nice watches is not a piece of cake.

  • Maventwo

    But watches will be have same progress coming years as mobile phones have had last 5-years, from feature phones towards smartphones.
    Smart watches will soon dominate the market just like smartphones now dominates the mobile phone market.
    And I hope for similar development for Canonical´s vision about smartphones/phablets connected to computer display+keyboard+mouse.