Mele Skype TV Video Chat Camera

Posted by Charbax – April 19, 2013

Mele shows some of their Skype Video-conferencing Camera modules that work with their latest Allwinner A20, A31 based set-top-boxes, with either built-in camera connected on the set-top-box, or with a cable on the top of the TV, or a design for the Set-top-box actually built in to the larger camera to mount on the top of the TV. I am not sure about the status and possibility of doing 720p or even 1080p Video-conferencing on Skype on Android Set-top-boxes, I guess that support is up to the Skype Android app (which Microsoft controls), but I guess there are other Android Video-conferencing apps that support 720p and 1080p video-conferencing already and which should work with this system. HD video-conferencing is awesome, and this may be a way to have that work for around $150 retail price on each side.

Mele contact:

Sales Manager
SKYPE: apvell091
Mobile: +86 1501 3777 080


  • zack reeves

    It is all good that these companies try to promote their products, but their is no support, they just want to sell containers with no documentation,updates but plenty of attitude. Please don´t enter the market if you think Westerners are just going to give you money, if my comments are bogus take survey many serious buyers look elsewhere.

  • Aliasgar Babat

    Yup, Skype is good, no doubt about that. However, I faced problems regarding Skype Video quality while conducting business meetings. As a result, have switched over to RHUB`s web conferencing servers. It provides 15 way HD Video conferencing and is Fort Knox.