Mele Allwinner A31 Quad Core Android TV Box for $110

Posted by Charbax – April 19, 2013

Mele shows the first Allwinner A31 Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 based Android TV Set-top-box, they have also designed a Windows 8 like UI on top of Android, they have designed one of the market's best RF remote controls with a keyboard on one side and a remote control on the other side with microphone and speaker for using the remote as a phone, built-in accelerometers, gyroscope, also showing their box off running some advanced games on the Allwinner A31's SGX544 GPU. The retail price is going to be around $110.

Mele contact:

Sales Manager
SKYPE: apvell091
Mobile: +86 1501 3777 080


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  • I prefer the bluetooth handset for google search and skype call

  • Shame it has an A31. No real SATA support, just a USB-SATA bridge alledgedly. Still looking for an i.MX6Q based solution…

  • Rodrigo

    There is a Sata conector on top πŸ™‚ Just like the older one…

  • bubblesmoney

    is this capable of acting as a miracast screen mirroring receiver for miracast capable phones and tablets?

  • william

    epic fail I bought one very unstable so I returned it it would crash to splash allwinner screen and also xbmc xaf was not usable system does not function as intended!

  • sid

    Agree its crap

  • JLT

    Ugh this thing is pure trash πŸ™ I had high hopes but just got it – what crap! of course XBMC doesnt work and the thing freezes every 5 minutes! quit selling junk mele!!!

  • droid

    Xbmc works for me; however, i have noticed it is sometimes sluggish and lots of popups regarding an unresponsive program, and it appears to happen more with Google apps, such as Play (when downloading) and gmail. Strange, as i would expect it to be a work horse with a quadcore and 2 GB of memory. After a while of operation it does seem to become more stable and less wait pops.

  • John

    The best Android TV Box by far is the SkystreamX. It has a dual core 1.5 Ghz processor, Mali 3d graphics processor, 1 Gb Ram, 8Gb internal memory.

    Android TV Box

  • AmigaWolf

    I have the MeLE M9 and XBMC works perfect now, runs everything smooth, and also have Dolby Digital and DTS in 5.1 in the pre-installed TudVideo player, with the new Firmware V2.2.0.

    So yes go for the MeLE M9/A1000G, it’s the only Android 4.2.2 Mini PC Google TV Player, with real official 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS sound.