Archos TV Connect, $129 OMAP4470 HD webcam, Bluetooth remote, Archos Android set-top-box

Posted by Charbax – January 13, 2013

Archos launches their new TV Set-top-box system based on the dual-core Texas Instruments OMAP4470 with SGX544 GPU, it features a HD webcam, Ethernet, HDMI output, USB Host, Bluetooth 4.0 low-power support, (probably Miracast support), runs Android 4.1 and everything that also runs on Archos's latest 101/97 XS Generation 10 series. You can use Archos new Bluetooth 4.0 remote and you can also use any other Bluetooth game controller from Xbox360/PS3/Wii and you can use any Bluetooth or RF/USB Keyboard and mice also for controls. The price is $129.

  • Anon

    What about putting the new Ubuntu replacement “still Alpha) for Andriod on it? Anyone try this?

    Also – will the TV signal go thru it first, then to TV, meaning that when getting a call via Skype, Jitsi, or other SIP service, that the call will ring into it’s own “in-screen” box on the TV, mute the show being watched, and allow someone to take a call and still be watching the TV show in the background? If it did that would be a killer product. However, if it does not, again, is a short sighted move by Archos (again), and since they have the reputation now of not upgrading to latest Android (jelly bean with G9’s etc), then who can ever think that they will keep the current products they are trying to , or going to, sell updated and upgraded (at least for 3 years, or longer)?

    Also, since you are the Archos guy, what about a way to put Ubuntu (or Lubuntu for netbooks gui) onto the Archos 80 G9 Turbo that Archos just announced they will not upgrade to Jelly Bean (ouch). Note, that the disaster Archos 80 G9 (non-turbo), would not connect to certain Wifi routers (when they connected fine before the 4.x upgrade firmware was installed).. however, when upgraded to Android 4.x, and was slow as a turtle – meaning Jelly Bean might have been the hit OS for that device.

    So, to be current, would love to have Lubuntu GUI on the Archos 80 G9 (otherwise, due to Archos’s “no upgrade to future Android version” blockheaded move, the device will be a brick). Also, tell Archos, that we will never buy an Archos device again (unless can put Lubuntu or Ubuntu on it), as if Archos will not be “normal” and pay for the cost of upgrading with the times, who will want an Archos device at all?

    FYI – the 80 G9 turbo, also sends me to Archos web site to get codecs that they should have built-into the version they sell (USA version). Very strange…. as noobies, just want it to work? Who are these Archos folks anyway… do they even understand what they are doing (or not doing)? You have the email – can answer to that… just don’t use it for spam.

    Will Archos abandon Andoid updates for the TVconnect after less than a year in the market, and what about the codecs, with the TV connet product, are they being cheap still about loading those “for free” on the device too? Otherwise, if Archos is going to be Archos, then looking for Ubuntu (or fast Lubuntu) for all devices made by Archos… if not, then will not ever buy Archos again. And, will certainly NOT recommend – really really wanted Jelly Bean on the G9, bought it based on news that Archos was going to upgrade the G9’s to Jelly Bean… talk about bait and switch?