$240 SmartDevices T30 10.1″ 1280×800 OMAP4470, $300 SmartQ U7, SmartQ U7H 7″ with built-in DLP projector

Posted by Charbax – October 27, 2012

SmartDevices shows their latest couple of tablets, their $240 Texas Instruments OMAP4470 10.1" 1280x800 running Jelly Bean, and their new 7" SmartQ U7 on OMAP4430 and SmartQ U7H on OMAP4460 with a built-in 854x480 DLP projector. SmartDevices also talks about their work on the upcoming OMAP5 ARM Cortex-A15 processor, to be released perhaps as soon as the end of the year.

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  • Maventwo

    First ever in-built micro projector I have seen in a tablet pc!

    But Texas Instruments pico-DLP technology is only one of many types of pico projector technologies we will see forthcoming years.

    Another promising pico projector tech is laser diode based like american Microvision
    and brittish Light Blue Optics or bTendo tech which ST-Microelectronics recently have aquired.

    And LCoS is another promising white LED pico projection tech, which is using Liquid crystals for making the video stream or pictures and the white LED is the light source like pico-DLP use as light source.

  • Yup, but I guess the DLP market share and performance/price has been top of the market for pico projectors, pocket projectors, compact projectors, perhaps that DLP also dominates for full size home theater, office projectors, the Texas Instruments nHD super small projector for phones and tablets seems to perform awesomely, the BOM to add this in a phone or tablet may be below $50 already and a bright enough projection may not consume much more power than a backlit LCD or AMOLED screen. I’d like to see them use kick-stands, shaped mirrors and/or lenses to project a 20″ screen onto any table using these types of pico projectors in upcoming phones, and with a sensor, thus we can transform our next phone into a 20″ tablet experience when using the projector pointing donwnwards onto the table.

  • Turvy

    There was a tablet a few years ago called the iOne (eye one) that had a Pico Projector built in to it. I think it’ll be pretty much standard in about 5 years. The Samsung Galaxy Torch isn’t selling very well, Probably because of the low quality projector, but i’m willing to bet it’ll be worth a few quid as a collectors “rare” item in fifty years 🙂

  • anwa

    The problem with the smartq-devices are the missing kernel sources!!
    I can’t understand why they won’t release them :/

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  • Rolandas Medelis