FCC does it again, leaks new Archos generation

Posted by Charbax – July 29, 2012

Another year, another Generation of Archos tablets is leaked exclusively through blurry pictures on the FCC leaking machine. Same happened with G5 in 2007, G7 in 2009, Home Tablet in 2010, G8 in 2010 (2). Here's the Archos G10 XS (all FCC documents):

Rumored or confirmed:

TI OMAP4470 ARM Cortex-A9 processor
New Proprietary Dock for the included Keyboard Dock (maybe something else too)
Kick-stand (called Tablet Stand) is on the Keyboard Dock
Keyboard doubles as thin screen protector and seems to use a new twist function (with or without magnets) to attach and detach from the tablet.
Micro-SD, Mini-HDMI, Micro-USB (dunno if doubles as host)

Is there some kind of conspiracy? Why does the US FCC always leak Archos new devices before Archos decides to unveil those products to the press officially?

Consider some reasons why Archos Generation 10 can be very attractive to massive audiences:

- Price can start $299 for 10.1" with the included Keyboard Dock.
- That can be $200 to $300 cheaper than Microsoft Surface.
- No technical reason that Archos G10 can't also dual-boot into Chrome OS for ARM and even triple-boot into Windows 8 for ARM, Windows RT, if Microsoft simply allows Archos have a triple-boot on it (give the option to the consumer to pay for the Windows RT licence if they want to be able to triple-boot into it).
- This at $299 can be a very attractive ARM Powered Laptop/Tablet combo. Why not triple-boot Ubuntu, or Archos pick up the phone and talk with Canonical to ship it with the Ubuntu on Android app.
- This is the first TI OMAP4470 Tablet that I hear leaked and talked about. Texas Instruments dominated the market by the end of 2011, they can do it again and Archos has a long relationship with TI always shipping TI's latest most advanced processors early. Expect a wide range of smartphones and tablets other than Archos to also use OMAP4470 before the end of the year, that helps provide a foundation for good software support, such as Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean using the OMAP4460 Powered Samsung Galaxy Nexus as the reference design. That makes it easier for Archos to always stay up to date on the latest version of Android.
- OMAP4470 uses the SGX544 GPU, one of the most powerful GPUs on the market yet.
- OMAP4470 increases memory bandwidth further from OMAP4460, memory bandwidth is one of the most important functions of a powerful ARM Powered device, often more so than Ghz, number of cores and other.
- Consider this ARM Powered Laptop/Tablet combo can weight less than 500 grams. When productivity proves itself sublime on Android, Ubuntu on Android, Chrome OS dual-boot and an eventual Windows RT triple-boot, this form factor can prove itself to be one of the most demanded by consumers.

  • I Have 23 million video views and fosspatents has zero. Nobody trusts fosspatents, everyone knows it’s a fake blog promoted on the fake aggregator techmeme (ex-Intel propaganda person), all setup just to spread lies against Google every single day.

    You two people should go away, I don’t want to waste my time with you useless people anymore, just go away, go waste someone elses time. I’m actually in Shenzhen later today to see the actual market facts for Archos and for everyone else in the industry. You just go hangout with the fake idiots at fosspatent land, what a joke, foss what a joke, that guy is completely anti-foss and a joke of a site. Go away.

  • Jean-Jacques

    We don’t care about bloggers’ ego… We know they are just oversized… And yes your video interviews are successful – good job there. (Although naysayers will argue that this is what you do best, let people who know explain and you just hold the microphone and camera).

    Anyway we care about facts.

    So charbax what about your claim they never had more than 10-15 millions dollars to operate ? Looks like they had way way more in 2011 and 2012 which they actively invested in 2011 to double revenue but then lost it all in 2012 with G9, G10 and other products such as childpad or smart DECT phone etc being a big flop.

    What is your take on archos prospect, how large the loss they will announce for FY12? Can they survive given the trend for the past 2 years?

  • It’s just ridiculous to talk about this further with you gang of confused people. Archos scale of profit or losses is several orders of magnitude smaller than Apple, Samsung, Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, Nokia, yet Archos is able to play in the same court as those guys. Archos does all that employing several orders of magnitude less people. Archos is the leader in getting Shenzhen technology to US and EU markets. Archos engineers have proven time and time again every single generation to be among the most inventive and most talented engineers in the whole worldwide industry. It’s just completely pathetic for people like you to continue to bother me with your pathetic nonsense about Archos being out of cash, or about Archos being out of prospects for growth. Archos has never operated with enough cash to manufacture more than maximum a few hundred thousand devices per manufacturing cycle (2-3-4 months depending on type of product), that does not change, few years ago each product was perhaps more expensive so cash may have been higher and thus risk higher per cycle. Now devices are much cheaper to make thus cash needed to make 2 million tablets per year is proportionally lower, and profits, revenue proportionally lower too. For Archos to dominate in sales volume, revenue, profits, it’s only a question of one or the other billionaire investor, either private investor or Governmental investor like France or EU, to come and make that happen. And it makes no sense for neither to not happen, it can always happen any day, as Archos is the best opportunity for anyone who wants anything to do with electronics in Europe. Anyways, go away, I do not care about your investments, go buy Apple stock and go loose it all elsewhere. Bye.

  • Hmmm

    If Archos has operated for years while never having more money than they need to manufacture a few hundred thousand devices per cycle then they don’t sound like a successful business. Why would private or government investors be interested in throwing money into a hole like that for, at best, little to no return?

  • Ya right, no return owning the consumer electronics space for a French European company vs Apple USA and vs Samsung/Huawei/Sony Asia. Yea right, just think that. The consumer electronics market is none other than the worlds most important market, near in front of Oil, Gas, in front of TV and Telecom. You just think this is useless, have fun being an ignorant of the world.

  • Hmmery

    If Archos is making a healthy return then why hasn’t their cash pile and ability to manufacture units grown over the years? I must conclude that they are barely breaking even.

  • Jean-Jacques

    What you are saying is exactly why archos is doomed – they don’t know how to sell product at a profit… they raise cash from shareholders which they use to fund the operations and produce hardware and software at a loss – to bring “good value for money” chinese products… Then the loose all their cash and for the past 6/7 years managed to go tap again investors money for the next cycle. Th challenge is that no-one wants to give them money anymore and while they managed to raise 40 millions dollars in may 2011, they now lost all of this money and were able to only raise 4 millions in January, yes price of components have dropped but competition is also selling at cost (google, amazon) and with 10 times less money raised its going to be difficult to stay in the game.

    You are right, they would need a billionaire willing to lose millions to help them challenge apple, Samsung or google – but billionaire are usually smart financial people… And archos track record at delivering profits is really poor… So no one is investing, French government does not care one minute about Archos – they have much larger problems than a 75 people company in france which is importing Chinese products… They care about “made in france” and about companies with export capabilities.

    Will come back in a couple weeks and we can discuss their Fy12 revenue and prospect statements… Will be interesting to compare your view and the CFO view.

    Enjoy china!

  • Jean-Jacques

    But apple and Samsung already own the consumer electronic space… And Chinese companies with billionaire shareholder are rising…

    What track record does archos have to pretend being able to own anything? And to use your example of apple being doomed because they need the parts from Samsung – where are archos component factories ? If apple is doomed then archos is even more doomed,,, they would need tens of billions of dollars investment to just be able to start playing… Do you think anyone will give 10 billions euro to a companÿ worth 70 millions?
    Where on earth did you learn finance ? Your story just does not hold…

  • I’m not going to read your crap. Archos has always worked with a 10-20% profit margin on their products, which is the only correct business model while Apple’s only hope to keep a high stock price is to continue to keep a 400% profit margin on the iPhone, which obviously is impossible. Chinese and Indian people buy iPhone copies that run Android just as smoothly for sub-$45 today. There is no future in Apple’s business model of overpriced proprietary un-featured devices while there is plenty of future in Archos reasonably priced, value feature rich devices.

  • WeirdFacts

    But you said it yourself: “Archos never had more than 10-15 million dollars to operate.” If this is true, this means that their overall margin must be, at best, 0%, because they have no profit to increase this amount. Doesn’t sound like making “10-20% profit margin on their products” is a very good or sustainable business model. Why would anyone invest money in them for no return?

  • Jean-Jacques

    Archos has indeed operated at a 0% to tentatively 20% margin but AT A LOSS… This is totally unsustainable in this industry where you need innovation and scale… They are still in business because they raised AND LOST more than 100 million dollars in the past 7 years.

    They burn 7 million dollar a quarter – at 10% margin they would need revenue of 70 millions dollars a quarter – and that would just cover the operating cost, no investments. And to deliver 70m in a quarter, given their production cycle of 3 to 4 months, they would need at the very least 60 million dollars of working capital (invested in stock) and they have at best $20 millions in the bank at the moment for stock…

    Do the math…

    Regarding apple they operate at a sub 40% not 400% margin. Read their financial reports.

  • anjali

    Archos is almost dead…

    results are abysmal, the founder is getting kicked out operational responsibility formally.


    oh well – I’m sure Charbax will say all is OK, no problem…

  • Nothing changes, Archos lost peanuts money compared to the scale of things. You’re just jealous because you have done nothing in your life that is worth anything. Go back in your cave.

  • Anjali

    You have no clue on this Charbax… I am actually an business angel now after successfully selling my company a few years ago. I understand business, technology, marketing and sales and can read a financial report. I speak fluent french so fully understand what they write in their accounting statements (may I remind you that you confused crédit impôt recherche with an accounting write off – so your track record there and for the past 4 quarters actually is pretty lame).

    Why do you think there is not even a glimpse of forecast in their reporting?
    You argue they lost nothing… They lost ALL the money they had raised in 2011 – all of it… Thé cash available now is just a few months of operations and they keep bleeding money.. The writing is on the wall but you can’t admit this….

    They will need massive cash injection to survive but it’s going tough to find investors…

    We will see… They have a few months to prove they can do it….

  • Anjali

    for the french readers



    Créé en 1998, Archos a longtemps porté les espoirs de voir une entreprise française de tenir tête aux géants de la Silicon Valley. Elle n’aura pas réussi. Alors que les résultats de ses concurrents explosent, les siens n’ont pas fait le bonheur de ses actionnaires.

    Face à Apple et Samsung, il n’a pas réussi à tirer son épingle d’un jeu dont il est l’un des acteurs historiques

    La conséquence ne s’est pas fait attendre. Henri Crohas, fondateur de l’entreprise, a quitté ce week-end ses fonctions opérationnelles

  • Anjali

    Hello Charbax


    here are Q1 numbers.

    Asia and USA are collapsing -66%
    Europe is collapsing by 26%

    how not to be pessimistic… no one will give them money to save them again this time…

  • Archos is the top European company in this sector, the most promising french tech company and you have nothing to contribute here so just go away.

  • riparchos

    R.I.P. Archos

  • Anjali

    They no longer are… Have a look at Parrot Charbax. , they are twice as big in Q1 and same size in consumer electronics . Parrot AR.Drone 2, Parrot Zik are at 294% growth YoY where archos is collapsing.

    Lexibook is also now larger than Archos as well…

    Both companies are profitable, have not laid off 25% of their staff, are coming up with their own products and innovation and to me appear thus having more potential than archos which has been bleeding money for the past 10 years and survived only by getting cash injection from the stock market and loosing it…

    Wiko in the smartphone business has been noticed too…

    And I can probably give you a few more fast growing companies in the same segment which are doing much better…

  • Parrot and Lexibook make nothing related to Archos. Parrot is in-car and play stuff. Good for Parrot to grow in that, and they should be supported by French and EU governments too. Archos is the leader in the worlds biggest sector which is the one where Apple made all its money, ergo it only makes sense to identify Archos as the most promising tech company in Europe. You’ve never done anything yourself, it’s the only reason that you have to spend so much time bothering me. Just go away, go chat on the Parrot or Lexibook forums.

  • archos_fan

    im so sad that archos is dead. how are you doing about it?

  • weedman

    O.M.G. So archos is dead? I love archos, no no no no.

  • Anjali


    you don’t think lexibook is in the same space ?

    what about the gamepad? isn’t that play stuff like Parrot ?

    Archos has been trying to sustain its position and volume of tablet sales through massive discounts and loosing tons of money doing so.. the challenge is that their pockets are not as deep as Google (Nexus) or Amazon (Kindle fire) and so they are now in trouble.

  • Just go chat on lexibook forum, stop wasting my time. Archos has nothing to do with parrot and lexibook. The parrot and lexibook markets are 100 times smaller overall in potential than the market where Samsung and Apple are in, which is where Archos has a chance to dominate. Just go away please, never post on my site again, you suck. I have many other things to do than to waste my time on you.

  • godguy

    Oh god, is this the end of Archos? I’m praying for them.

  • Anjali

    Archos badly needs money…

    The CEO and CFO sent a letter to shareholder asking for their support…


    How dare they doing so after burning more than $130 millions of the cash of shareholder in the recent years without returning any value.

    This is going to fail badly and archos will go south due to lack of shareholder money to burn in vain…

    The writing has been on the wall for a while now,,,

  • I thought I banned you. Archos asking for a few million Euros is totally normal, Apple shareholders just lost $230 Billion in a few months. Archos share holders can only make a lot of money if Archos has the funds to expand on their different market opportunities. Google Glass is just barely being shown now, Archos can easily be European leader in wearable computing, robots and many other emerging markets, not only tablets.

  • Anjali

    I am still around…

    Archos got $40+ millions to launch their tablet ventures… What did they do with it ? they lost it all in 2012…

    And now they want more money again to keep funding their crazy new business approach – imported smartphones…

    I hope no one is going to be foolish enough to give them money,,,

    I’d be glad seeing them revolutionize wearable computing devices with their own innovation and inventions – they still have enough cash in the bank for this may be,,,

    Their smartphone endeavor is doomed, too much competition, no margin, massive need for advertising, no experience in this domain,,,

  • Archos can easily get hundreds millions more euros from investors and from Banks, including Segolene Royal’s public investment bank which main goal is to use France’s funds to invest in companies like Archos that have huge potential for growth, that have huge potential to compete with companies like Apple and Samsung. Archos smartphones is an easy home run. It costs Archos very little money to develop and bring to the market, yet Archos can easily grab quite good sales, there aren’t so many choices on the market for $99-$249 unsubsidized smartphones in Europe and USA. Archos can become one of the Android phones of choice on new pre-paid-only carriers like Free Mobile in France and T-Mobile in the USA. Again, risk is very small, growth potential is huge, even with the very large competition. In Europe and USA there are still hundreds of millions of people to buy smartphones, all iphone users are switching to much cheaper and better Android devices when they upgrade. Just look at alternatives on the market with the exact same Qualcomm processors and screen size options, there aren’t that many available in Europe and USA, which is where Archos makes most of its sales. I’m not talking about what’s available in China and India, those markets are Apple’s only hope and Samsung’s dominance, I’m talking about Europe and USA where Apple does not want to compete on lower price and where Samsung also prefers to have people focus on their high-end Galaxy S4 class of device. Again Archos just aims at 20% or so profit margin on whichever market they enter, which is the correct strategy, instead of trying to do 400% profit margins like Apple or 200% profit margins like Samsung.

  • Anjali

    No one wants to give them money,,, it has not happen and will not happen,,, everyone think they are doomed from day one and they lost so much money that there is no trust for a French consumer electronic company,,, it’s not going to happen – this is my bet. And it will be easy to see, just wait for the coming months,