I’m on the BBC (on YouTube)

Posted by Charbax – March 13, 2012

Rory Cellan-Jones from the BBC interviewed me at Mobile World Congress last week about my Motorola Kopin Golden-i Augmented Video-blogging system. By the end of the year, thanks to the fast moving world of Technology, we'll all be walking around with compact wearable computers, augmenting our reality, it's going to be awesome!

  • Maventwo

    But augmented reality HUD do not fit all types of interacting between human and computers.

    Augmented reality HUD fit especially people who have special type of works on the field like Land-surveyor,police on the field and motorcycle police,parking inspectors,bicycle massenger etc.

  • Yeah, augmented view and the life dashboard does not have to be used all the time. I think there are many potential uses for every day use for normal people. Here are some uses I have been thinking about:

    1. For example augmented shopping can give you advice for what to look for when you go to the supermarket or when you go do other shopping. For example showing ingredients, color coding things in the store based on what may be good for you, based on what you like, what is missing in your fridge, what is healthy, more affordable, etc. 

    2. When you go to a party, it can display info about the people at the party that allow to be recognized by the system. As they check-in to the party with their NFC ID, cameras at the party tracks where everyone is and thus if you look through augmented reality you can see people’s names, email, latest status updates and also see some color coding based on who you should talk to.

    3. Looking for good healthy affordable food while walking on the street. Some type of hybrid of Yelp and Maps, can show you in which direction to go to find some delicious, healthy, affordable food, based on your tastes, based on ratings, etc.

    4. If you feel like learning about the city you are in, you can wear the augmented reality glasses and it can display information about all the buildings you walk by, showing historical info, when the buildings were built, by who, historical people who may have lived there.

    5. Going to the museum and gallry it can display all kinds of augmented info about all the works in the museum and gallery.

    6. Going to a trade show it’ll show overlayed information about every booth you walk by.

    There are many other use cases I think. It’l be interesting to see how that’ll be implemented in a way that makes the most sense. I am looking forward to testing some of the augmented reality apps that are on Android today, I found some app called Junaio that looks to be an Augmented Reality browser app somehow, letting you choose what AR mode to open on top of the camera view. Of course it’ll need to be much improved, much simplified. And some can be AI, other things are just any types of apps and info screens showing relevant information based on where you are. A bit like a Dashboard in the car, but modular to be able to show just the relevant information when needed. When you don’t need it you can simply take off the system, fold it and put it in your pocket. The Augmented Reality glasses to be released by the end of the year are about as compact as a smartphone when folded and put back into your pocket. Then when you want to be augmented you simply put them on and a couple seconds later, you are augmented.