Zenithink shows Android 4.0 ICS on AmLogic tablets

Posted by Charbax – January 15, 2012

Zenithink shows $90 1Ghz ARM Cortex-A9 capacitive 7" tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich support ($80 for resistive), minimum order is just 50 pieces, the 10.1" is $160, 7" 1024x600 for $120.

  • wow … that’s a good price 🙂

  • Maventwo

    This were very afordable tablets,I wonder if they will come to europe?

  • Ano Hito

    I have zenithink E72, US$95 (in Indonesia), Cortex A9 AMLOGIC 8726 800MHZ (not 1GHZ 🙁 as in website), Android 2.3.4, no Bluetooth, no GPS chip, no HSDPA/ EVDO chip, resistive 800 x 480 with 2 point multitouch. Last week I dropped into a bucket of water for 2 seconds while playing MP3. After I shook all water out, wrapped it with toilet paper, buried it into a bag full of uncooked rice  to absorb the moisture for 2 days,  re-charged it for 1 hour, now I still can play MKV , MP3, 3D games, browsing on WIFI with no problem. iPad will be dead for sure if that accident happened.  Now I am planning to update the OS to 4.0. I already downloaded the FW from zenithink website, I just need time to backup the apk first.

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