AppliedMicro X-Gene ARMv8 64-bit Server-on-chip shown on FPGA

Posted by Charbax – November 9, 2011

At ARM TechCon 2011 last week, Applied Micro was able to show their ARMv8 platform design already running on an FPGA, to be sent out to their partners in January so they can start working on the software for when they can have working silicon of their ARMv8 64-bit Server-on-chip platform, they say as early as in the 2nd half of 2012 already. Here is the full keynote presentation featuring Paramesh Gopi, president and CEO of Applied Micro, Lance Howarth, EVP Marketing at ARM, Dr. Christos Kozyrakis of Stanford University, Andrew Feldman, Founder and CEO of SeaMicro and Vinay Ravuri, Vice President of AppliedMicro's Embedded and Processing Business Unit, presenting the worlds first ARMv8 64-bit processor demo running on an FPGA. I recommend that you watch the full webcast with slides on Applied Micro's own website (enter a name and email to start watching in full screen with the synchronized slides), and here is the YouTube version without the slides as published by

One can thus possibly understand from this that the ARM Powered Servers are going to be upgraded twice in the next year. Powered by Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 now such as the HP Moonshot project powered by Calxeda EnergyCore, likely upgraded to ARM Cortex-A15 solutions (up to 8 cores) as soon as those are ready (2H 2012) and then again upgraded to ARMv8 64-bit running at up to 3Ghz which is what Applied Micro is saying that they can deliver early silicon of in just about a year from now. Thus ARM Powered Servers are going to run at up to full performance levels, not only being suitable for lower power consumption and lower price but also aiming to deliver the full maximum performance that some people building servers say they need.

  • Karel Gardas

    Charbax, w.r.t. ARM updates in servers you are overoptimistic I’m afraid! Calxeda just give out some *samples* of their EnergyCore Processor and you already plan next iteraction using A15 core? And not only but also update to ARMv8 A64? Don’t forget that this all takes time! If you dream about A15 in consumer devices in 2012, then be assured that A15 in consumer devices is something completely different than A15 in servers. Your dream about X-Gene next year in servers is also way out. If we get some samples or FPGA-based implementations of X-Gene then great, but certainly this will not be full 128 core chip running on 3GHz! Not at all! Also samples/fpgas will be delivered just to make sure developers are working on porting their compilers to this *new* architecture! Since well, A64 is really new in the same way like AMD64 was few years ago. And just judge how long it took to OS/compilers folks to be ready for real lunch of Opteron?
    So well, just cool down a little bit. 🙂

  • Sure, I understand things take time. But maybe Google is very eager to save some money on their current $10 Billion (or however much) yearly server cost. So maybe as ARM Cortex-A15 is to be ready for consumer devices in a year, maybe someone invests to also have ARM Cortex-A15 ready for servers at the same time. And yes I understand that AppliedMicro’s ARMv8 samples to be delivered a year from now might mean full production chips aren’t ready before 2 years from now, or later. The point is, the servers industry is something like a $60 Billion per year industry today and it may be growing fast now that Google and others need to expand their cloud computing capacity.

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  • I like ARM powered servers. Really great!