E Ink in Credit Cards

Posted by Charbax – September 2, 2011

You push a button behind the credit card, it displays a unique security code which can be used as pin code for payment security. The battery in that credit card lasts for up to 2 years, it's the same size and weight as a normal credit card and it is unbreakable.

  • Anonymous

    Horrible application (wouldn’t want a thief to get both my credit card AND pin code at once). But awesome technology. Are such small E-ink screens purchasable by mere mortals?

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  • It’s more likely to replace the 3-digit security code that you have on the back of the card for online purchases, right now, if someone intercepts your credit card number, expiry date and that 3-digit security code, they can buy any stuff using your card. This solution would make online credit card purchases instantly secure. And for in-store purchases it could replace your pin code so that you do not need to trust the little merchant from not stealing your pin code, it’d be a one-time small purchase pin code for that kind of use. For withdrawing cash from the cash machine, you’d still need your own secret pin code.

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