7″ Android Tablets are awesome

Posted by Charbax – October 20, 2010

Steve Jobs is saying that 7 inch Android Tablets can't be popular. I think they can. This Archos 70 Internet Tablet fits in most Jacket Pockets and thus is the largest screen size that can be carried around without using a bag. Also, this one is half the price/size/weight of the iPad, it comes with HDMI output, full video/audio codecs support, USB host and a built-in Webcam for video-chat all which iPad lacks. This tablet at 300gr and 201x114x10mm may be the lightest and most compact 7" tablet yet, but I think with optimizations and designs that use less bezel, the weight and size could further be optimized to make it even more jacket pocketable. Basically, Android tablets will provide choice for consumers, from small pocketable ones to larger ones that may mostly stay at home.

  • Anonymous

    this is good example.. I loathe what Steve Job thinking negative of slate 7inchs.

  • Guest

    Can we see some sales figures comparisons of these tablets you are touting, vs the iPad? 😛

  • aftermath

    Reverse psychology is a ploy to convince a subject of something by inducing them into convincing themselves. There is a comparable marketing tactic, and it seems likely that Steve Jobs is using it. You’d be well served by ignoring a man who is an obvious CEO Troll. Instead, you’ve just made the case for 7 inch slates, and when Apple releases one, it will be in agreement with you.

    I agree that a 7 inch device is a good size. A 7 inch slate is a very useful form factor. For my taste, Android is a very poor operating system (iOS is worse). Moreover, an Android slate is not a tablet; it’s a touchscreen slate. It’s not useful to confuse a form factor (slate) with a usage scenario (tablet). If we ever do get to the point where we have true 7 inch tablets in a slate form factor, it will be an awesome day for consumer technology. In the meantime, I think you should enjoy your 7 inch Android slate. It’s a nice device. That said, ignore Steve. Let him toil away in obscurity.

  • Check back in a few months. Android tablets will beat the ipad by big margin. Just like Android smart phones are already beating the iphone by a big margin. I’ve been using 7″ Archos tablets for about 4 years and my opinion is that they are awesome. The limit for jacket pocketable meaning they can be taken with you everywhere if you are a true geek.

  • Anonymous

    charbax why is it that Archos lied about Archos 43 pricing, isnt it supposed to be 199$ for 16GB? Now they are selling it for 249$, I’d rather weight for samsung galaxy player, which has GPS in it

  • Resellers listing A43 (16GB) for $249 are mistakenly basing their price on pre-IFA press releases. The price is $199 at MSRP, in fact it’s not shipping yet but soon. And there are alternative ways to get GPS such as using WiFi, Mifi and Bluetooth tethering.