Google TV is launching today

Posted by – October 6, 2010

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Google TV is being launched based on Intel CE4100, Logitech has an event later today. I can’t wait to see reports from it. Sony has their event unveiling their Google TV devices on October 12th, that will be fun too.

Google product manager on Google TV, Rishi Chandra said following:

We do believe that this is the similar transformation that happened with the phone, with the introduction of the Smartphone, now it’s going to happen with the TV, this is the introduction of the Smart TV.

Watch ABC News report over at:

Look forward to Logitech’s Google TV products to be unveiled later today. Logitech plans to sell at least half a million units in the next three months. Of course, obviously, I can’t wait for Google TV to be compatible with ARM Cortex A9 processors that have full 1080p 60fps support and HDMI pass-through overlay graphics support as well.

I believe Google TV is very important because it is the software that finally makes it possible to easily bring on-demand web video and features into the living room of not just HTPC/mediastreamer geeks but for everyone. People’s 5 hours daily TV watching is going to be disrupted for the better.

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