HP Compaq Airlife 100 Android Laptop at Mobile World Congress 2010

Posted by Charbax – February 17, 2010

This HP Android laptop is still one of the best of its kind that I have seen so far in consumer electronics shows.

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  • ARMada

    I'm battery-testing this baby right now, and with screen, wlan and bt turned on (screen dimmed) it's already idling for 12 hours – and the battery is still 40% full! Amazing… I just wish there was an Android Marketplace on it, so little is available as apk!

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    I just wish there was an Android Marketplace on it,Thank for sharing.

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    You can normally attach an external standard monitor using the VGA cable and then extend your desktop to use the second monitor, Thanks.

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    wlan and bt turned on (screen dimmed) it’s already idling for 12 hours – and the battery is still 40% full! Amazing.

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    i worked at the computer lab on my campus for a while and all the hp LCDs had at least 3 deadpixels on them.
    thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful video for HP Compaq Airlife 100 Android Laptop, It’s a good way to make us know more about it.

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    Just from this video, It seems this Hp laptop is very durable. Maybe it’s worth for us to have.

  • Anonymous

     It is nice Laptop from HP. It has very good long life battery. So we have no tension of charging it. This video shows amazing features of this Laptop.

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