$80 Android Laptop, Menq EasyPC E790

Posted by Charbax – November 12, 2009

First $80 Android Laptop - MenQ EasyPC E790

Here is the cheapest laptop in the world. It can run Android since it is based on a Samsung ARM926EJ-S3C2450 processor, but for now this review unit that I am reviewing in this video only runs Windows CE 5.0. Check back hopefully within a month for another video when Menq may have sent me a firmware upgrade to use Android instead of Windows CE.

As I filmed the Menq Easypc E760 last year at IFA, Menq is a chinese company interested in providing the worlds cheapest laptop designs. Last year, they were using a 480x320 resolution 7-inch screen to reach the $89 price point for laptops, now they are able to include a 800x480 resolution 7-inch screen. Find more information about this Menq EasyPC E790 at http://www.menqgroup.com/products/pro/E790.asp

The coming of the ARM based laptops, in my opinion, are indicative of the real revolution that is imminent for the Laptop and Desktop computer industry. As soon as ARM based laptops can run a full Chrome Browser, with unlimited amounts of opened tabs all running smoothly, with Flash support, full Javascripts support and basic multimedia functions, then I think the turning point will be reached where most consumers in the world, and especially in developing countries, will be buying only the cheapest laptops.

Web Browsing is all that most people need, with clever HTML5 enabled Chrome browser running on any type of Embedded OS, be it Android or Ubuntu, even offline application could be run reliably from within the browser engine. Anything most people really need will work.

As you can see in my video review, this Menq EasyPC E790 is kind of slow since it is based on the ARM9 processor technology. For not much more cost, though, the Chinese laptop manufacturers could soon be using the ARM Cortex A8 processor technology, which should provide for a 5-10 times faster web browsing experience, and even faster if using an upcoming ARM optimized Chrome browser.

This laptop, I think, is giving us a taste of the future of laptops. Soon all laptops will cost $80 or less, run 10 hours or more on a small and cheap 3-cell battery, even over 20 hour battery life if using the Pixel Qi screen technology. It is also providing a sensation for the what we can expect from the next generation OLPC One Laptop Per Child XO-1.75 to be released by OLPC with ARM processor technology inside instead of X86.

If using ARM9, OLPC could definitely sell laptops at below $80, but maybe ARM Cortex A8 will be preferable at around $10-$20 extra in manufacturing costs, and the innovative new Pixel Qi screen, WiFi meshing, more RAM and storage, could bring the next ARM based OLPC XO-1.75 laptop coser to $125 per laptop, to reach below $100 with mass production. In any ways, I am really looking forward to see the upcoming releases of the ARM Cortex A8 based laptops, yet still, this ARM9 based laptop is very interesting, and if you want your local supermarket to start selling them, I suggest you phone your local supermarket headquarters, and ask them to contact Menq and order for example 5000 pieces or more so they can get them at the price of $80 per unit and sell it to you for probably below $100 in supermarkets.

Pictures of this laptop:

Menq EasyPC E790 MenQ EasyPC E790 MenQ EasyPC E790 MenQ EasyPC E790 MenQ EasyPC E790 MenQ EasyPC E790 MenQ EasyPC E790 MenQ EasyPC E790

Find more information at http://www.menqgroup.com/products/pro/E790.asp

Blog about the cheap Alpha-400 laptops http://www.alpha-400.com/

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  • Flash support is unlikely on ARM, but is not required. Almost all use of FlashPlayer is to play MPEG-4 audio video, which most GPU’s can decode natively. HTML5 is specifically designed to enable Web authors to forgo Flash and build content that can run anywhere that WebKit does. WebKit is about 5 megabytes of open source cross-platform goodness and already runs great on ARM for many years, and it is the heart of Chrome as well. So if you are looking to run Chrome on ARM, HTML5 and escaping audio video from FlashPlayer is a key part. Web publishers need to examine whether they are publishing for a Windows PC or for the platform-independent Web.

    Adobe has expressed a commitment to running Flash on ARM, but anyone who has run a non-Intel system with Flash (e.g. PowerPC Mac) finds this laughable because FlashPlayer ran poorly on even a dual G5 system which is exponentially more powerful than ARM, or even future ARM based on their roadmap. So waiting for FlashPlayer on ARM is not a good strategy.

    But you are right about everything else. A small netbook with ARM and Unix core and WebKit is a great device. The iPhone and iPod touch have already proven this to about 80 million users, and future large-screen iPods will likely prove the concept again. Especially with HTML5, most people only need the Web. With Microsoft viruses and commercial malware, getting rid of the native Windows API can be beneficial for these users in and of itself.

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