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Wai Yip shows Allwinner A20 Tablet for $51, 3D Glasses for $1.5/$0.35 and more

Wai Yip Electronics at Hong Kong HKTDC Electronics Fair showing some of their products.

Wai Yip Electronics makes different items and devices but mainly Tablets and 3D Glasses.
The most popular 7 inch tablet they sell features an Allwinner A20 Dual Core CPU and it costs 51$.

3D Glasses come in many varieties, colors and shapes for general use at 3D Cinema or with other 3D Media and they cost 1.5$. The lower cost 3D Glasses are priced at 35 cents.
This company also makes LED Lamps. These lamps cost 3.7$.

A Car charger for mobile devices that can be used to charge Smartphones and Tablets is sold by them for 1.5$.
All the item prices shown up are available to be sold in minimum orders for 1000 pieces.

Filmed at the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) 2013
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