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Phonejoy Play, sliding extendable Bluetooth Game Controller

Phonejoy Play got funded on Kickstarter. Phonejoy game controller is a bluetooth game controller for Android and iOS devices. The Phonejoy game controller lets you play your favorite games on your Android phone, tablet, PC, iCade and OUYA with real physical control buttons. The gamepad’s spring-loaded expansion mechanism has 12 chrome-plated steel springs that keeps devices secured and flexes really well offering the ability to use it with a huge number of devices including tablets with 10.1inch screen or small devices with 3.5inch screen. This controller has a great ergonomic design that fits everybody’s hand and gaming style. The buttons are catchy and the surface has a soft touch feel. It can be used with with devices in landscape and portraid mode. Phonejoy game controller can connect with PC computers to play games, supports iOS and Android devices and uses bluetooth 2.1 technology to connect with devices. The game controller comes only in black but is coming soon on white too. The Phonejoy game controller basic bundle costs $69.90 and is sold via their website: www.phonejoy.com. Phonejoy actually won 2 prizes at the HKTDC Electronics Fair.

Filmed at the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) 2014

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