Keynote: Battery as a Service, NIO, Battery Swap/Upgradability for cheaper EVs, Ganesh V. Iyer, CIO

Posted by – December 1, 2020


TV Industry Update (strongest Q3 ever!) with Paul Gray, Omdia Research Director

Posted by – November 18, 2020


Konica Minolta OLED Lighting Interview with Taka Tsujimura

Posted by – November 6, 2020


TI Jacinto 7 new Advanced driver assistance systems processor DRA8 gateway TDA4 SoC ADAS platform

Posted by – November 4, 2020


Nvidia Maxine Interview, AI video compression conferencing technology

Posted by – October 31, 2020


Live Interview with Neonode Contactless IR Touch, Holographic Touch, Parallel Plane Touch

Posted by – October 29, 2020


Omron CES 2020 Ping Pong Robot

Posted by – October 27, 2020


14″ Blackboard Letter with Carbon Copy Smart Pen, My First Review with the Kent Displays Interview

Posted by – October 9, 2020


Live Petoi Robot Dog Interview

Posted by – September 29, 2020


Live Morphotonics UV-nanoimprint for AR/microLED diffuser/Lidar/Privacy/Bio-sensors/Solar and etc

Posted by – September 24, 2020


$119 Amazfit T-Rex, Amazfit Bip S, launch keynote

Posted by – September 23, 2020


Live Rohinni microLED/miniLED Interview

Posted by – September 18, 2020


Power Bank Factory Tour at VEGER (part 4) with latest VEGER Power Banks and the new Aezer brand

Posted by – September 8, 2020


Live Thinkpad Discussion with Laptop Retrospective

Posted by – September 7, 2020


TCL NXTPAPER (from Keynote) New Reflective LCD, Sunlight and Outdoor Readable, Ultra Low Power

Posted by – September 5, 2020


Carbon Copy Pen Live Interview with Kent Displays, affordable Smart Note Taking

Posted by – August 21, 2020

Live interview with Dr. Asad Khan, CEO of Kent Displays and Nithya Venkataraman of Kent Displays talking about the latest developments in CH-LCD, for note taking, with now the Carbon Copy Pen for full recording of notes to smartphone now crowdfunding at

Doha Qatar Tour, Qanat Quartier (like Venice), The Pearl-Qatar, Souq Waqif, filmed 8 months ago

Posted by – August 12, 2020

This video was filmed on January 1st 2020 around Doha Qatar, walking around the Doha Venice Qanat Quartier, The Pearl-Qatar, where foreigners can buy appartments and reside in Qatar, walking through the Souq Waqif on January 1st as there are concerts and a lot of people around, this was before Corona, talking about how Qatar is preparing for hosting the 2022 Football World Cup and more.

Filmed handheld using the IBIS on the Panasonic G9 with 12-60mm Leica lens in 4K60

Highlights from SID Display Week 2019 Register Now for Display Week 2020 Online

Posted by – July 29, 2020

Display Week 2020 will be held online August 3-7, 2020 and registration is now open at it is the most important annual event of the electronic display industry. This virtual event features nearly 200 exhibitors, including major players like LG Display, BOE, Tianma, Corning, JDI and E Ink. The International Technical Symposium will be in full swing with more than 500 presentations discussing this year’s special topics: AR/VR/MR, printed displays, machine learning for displays and high-dynamic range LCDS. The SID/DSSC Business Conference, the industry’s largest conference devoted to the display market, will focus on forecasts and insights for TVs, OLED, smart phones, and more; and the I-Zone will showcase new technology that hasn’t even hit the market yet. You can get everything Display Week 2020 has to offer, from anywhere in the world, on any device. You can register today at

This video is a short highlight of some of the awesome videos that I filmed at SID Display Week 2019 last year, with over 2.5 Million views on YouTube, you can watch all the full 4K60 quality videos in this playlist

Music track: Enchantee feat Mr Stabalina
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Interview with Economist Lau Svenssen at TEDxCopenhagen 2019

Posted by – July 12, 2020
Category: Exclusive videos

Interview with Lau Svenssen at TEDxCopenhagen 2019 you can watch the whole keynote here

History of Science and Philosophy with Aksel Haaning at TEDxCopenhagen 2019

Posted by – July 12, 2020
Category: Exclusive videos

What was Socrates thinking? What did scientists and philosophers know thousands of years ago and that we have forgotten and that we can rediscover?

Interview with Aksel Haaning at TEDxCopenhagen you can watch his full keynote here