Ares Materials PolyLux Polysulfide Polymers for Flexible Electronics

Posted by – August 1, 2018

Ares Materials Inc ( develops transparent polysulfide polymer named PyLux for flexible displays, wearable and embedded electronics. They are transparent and easily adaptable and processable and available in 4 product lines- H, MF, W & ATB. The high transparency, low colour,ultra-low birefringence and low haze of Pylux films allow for clear and high-fidelity transmission of light directly through the polymer. This allows Pylux to be incorporated into the optical path of flexible display manufacturing thus reducing the manufacturing cost.

  • PyLux-W: act as a combined optically clear adhesive (OCA) and anti-shock protection layer, replacing two layers in the front-plane of display with one.
  • PyLux-MF: designed as substrates for microfabrication of thin-film components at temperatures up to        300 °C, blending excellent thermal stability, chemical compatibility and optical clarity.
  • PyLux-H: an ideal polymer for flexible cover lens and flexible touch panel substrate as it has high surface hardness and increased glass transition temperature.
  • PyLux-ATB: offers a low-cost, high-yield (peel-off) release method for a variety of polymer films that require attachment to a rigid carrier for microfabrication processing and it withstands upto 500oC.

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