Adreamer Dual Core 3G 6.95″ Tablet, 13.3″ Tablet, and 8″ Tablets

Adreamer makes a 6.95″ (1024×600) tablet with a dual core mtk 8312 processor, 3g (Dual Sim), and a thin bezel. The 6.95″ tablet sells for 60 USD in bulk. Adreamer also makes a 13.3″ (1280×800) tablet with a Rockchip 3188 processor. The 13.3 model sells for 140 USD in bulk. Adreamer also makes a 8″ (1024×768) tablet with an unspecified MTK dual core Cortex A7 processor. The 8″ model sells for 80 USD in bulk and an extra 10 dollars for IPS screens. Adreamer also makes another 8″ IPS (1280×800) tablet with a MTK 8382 processor and sells for 108 USD in bulk.

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