Henglung RK3168/RK2926 PCB Design House

Posted by – September 26, 2013

Shenzhen Henglung Digital Co Ltd is a Rockchip PCB Designer showing their tablet PCB and case designs. The motherboards and tablets offer either the new ultra low power RK3168 processor or the cheaper RK2926 processor. The RK2926 motherboards are RK2928 comptabile and 3028 compatible. Motherboards cost around 10 – 15 USD in bulk and tablets cost around 60 USD in bulk depending on the screen, battery used. Motherboards are also available with different pin configurations for different kinds of screens with different resolutions. Different pin configurations allow different resolutions. The motherboards offer either 4gb flash memory plus 512mb of ram or 8gb flash memory plus 1gb of ram. This video ends with a tour of the Henglung R&D center.

Contact informations
Amy Lee
Mobile: 13590371459
Tel: +86-755-27367633Ext:808
MSN: amylee_q@126.com
E-mail: liqing@henglongdz.cn
Office address:813,Area B,HuaMeiJu,Baoan Central business district.
Headquarters adddress: Building 8,Henglong industrial Park,The forth Industrial Zone of Shui Tian Community,Shiyan Street,Baoan,Shenzhen,China.