Thompson TCL 4K TVs 50″ and 55″ invading the European Market

Posted by – September 12, 2013

Thompson presents two new 4K TVs for the European market, 50″ 4K and 55″ 4K. The 50″ is to be sold initially for about 2,000-2500 Euros and the 55″ is to be sold for about 3,000-3,500 euros. Consider those are the introductory prices and that one can maybe hope prices to quickly come down during 2014 to for example 1000 euros for 50″ 4K and 1500 euros for 55″ 4K. Both TVs support native 4K content (maximum of 30fps over HDMI 1.X standard) and up-scaling conventional HD content to 4K resolutions with the Marseille upscaling solution certified by Technicolor. Thomson is thus the brand to bring TCL’s 4K TVs to the European market. Here’s hoping that the 55″ 4K TV from Thomson/TCL reach the sub-2000 Euro price point all over Europe sooner rather than later! Consider that TCL is China’s number 1 TV maker. And that Thomson is one of the brands that TCL is using to sells its TVs in Europe!