$31 3.5″ 400×240 Spreadtrum SC6820 1Ghz ARM Cortex-A5, world’s cheapest dual-sim 2G/EDGE Android phone

Posted by – September 3, 2013

Here’s the world’s cheapest Android phone (that I can find thus far). We’re now approaching the sub-$30 pricing. Yup, $30, Android, capacitive 3.5″. Not 3G though, you get dual-sim 2G/EDGE modem at that price. If the 3.5″ screen is too small, you can get 4″ for $36 (maybe 480×320 or same 400×240, I need to check), or even 4.5″ for $45 (I think WVGA, I need to test and confirm), thus the Spreadtrum ARM Cortex-A5 system-on-chip solution with dual-sim 2G/EDGE support may compete well with the MediaTek MT6515 in that 2G/EDGE space. Let me know if you know which platform is more interesting in terms of reaching the world’s cheapest yet still usable Android phone target. We may already have reached the sub-$25 for an Android phone price now today, although it may surely be reached by the end of this year. Where can we go next year? Sub-$25 3G Android phones and sub-$15 2G Android phones? I bought 3 of these world’s cheapest phones, to use as my dual-sim roaming phone to keep my home SIMs active while I’m traveling, let me know what you would like me to test with those. The calling quality isn’t amazing, that’s one thing, but phone calls work. Wi-Fi works fine thus I can feed fast data to them from my 3G phone that does a portable hotspot if I want.

Read more on the Spreadtrum SC6820 platform: http://www.spreadtrum.com/en/products/basebands/view/sc6820/