5 Seasons shows MT6577 $400 Rugged Phone

Posted by – September 1, 2013

KimWan from 5Seasons is showing all sesaons outdoor usable Phablet built with Cortex A-7 MP6577 Quadcore for utterly fast in processing speed.features emdded in are A-GPS,3G,GPS,FM Radio, Bluetooth & WIfi for better connectivity. Shockproof,Waterproof and shock resist makes device quite promising for those who want work on Phablet in all weather conditions. Priced at $400.Having sales of of 2000 units per month.5 seasons a firm from Taiwan outsourcing to China. Rugged cases generally are made from polycarbonate, silicon and different varieties of foams and rubber. Some materials are better suited for certain tasks and may provide better handling or durability. So! have a go Onn with the Rugged Phablet.Tabet of Quadcore MPK CPU priced at $140 having sales of 10K per month.

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