Orango Technology Allwinner Based Android Tablets

Posted by – August 31, 2013

Shenzhen Orango Technology is a small manufacturer of Android based tablets. Orango has a factory that employs about 200 people.
Android Tablets Shown
10″ Quad core Tablet with an Allwinner A31 processor. The price is around 150 USD for this model.
7″ Quad core Tablet with an Allwinner A31s processor. The price is around 80 USD this model.
Their most popular product is a 7″ Dual core tablet with an MTK 6577 processor and 512mb of ram. This tablet offers 3g wireless functionality with dual sim. The model is a MT20 and sells for around 85 USD.
A 10″ prototype tablet with a RK3188 which is to be released soon.

For those interested Orango’s Website http://www.szorango.com/
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