Mars Android Tablets

Mars is a producer of Android tablets. The company was founded in 1998.
Products Include:

7.85″ IPS A31 Allwinner Quad Core. Sells for 110 USD for 1,000 units.

7.85″ A20 Dual Allwinner. Sells for 60 USD for 1,000 units.

10.1″ IPS A31 Allwinner Quad core. Sells for 130 USD for 1,000 units.

7″ Rockchip RK3066/RK3188. Sells for $68/$80 for 1,000 units.

7″ Dual MTK without 3g. Sells for $47 USD for 1,000 pieces.

8″ IPS 1024*768, Quad MTK8389W with 3G. 100 USD for 1,000 units. They sell around 20,000 per month of this unit

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