Zinwell ZWD-2522/2822 Full HD video wireless kit

Posted by – August 13, 2013

Zinwell shows wireless HDMI transmitters and receivers. In current market we have one HDMI transmitter and one receiver we call it as one-to-one, Here is the product which is four channel transmitter i.e. one transmitter and 4 receivers. This transmitter is transmitting the movie from the media player. It is using 5.9 GHZ bandwidth to present 1080p@60Hz video resolution. It is uncompressed data and high quality as HDMI. Wide-Eye is slow one can see the latency and it has the problems with setup which is very hard to setup. This product do not have problem in setup and it has low latency.

General idea on price tags:
– $130 for one Transmitter to one receiver
– $250 for one Tranmitter to four receivers

Full HD video wireless kit lets you have perfect 1080p video sharing experience
– Enable you to relocate and hide your AV components in order to position your TV (or projector) in the cleanest way
– Offer whole-home range and penetrate through walls
– Offer multi-input and multi-room solution
– 2 x HDMI Input, 1 x YPbPr Input and 1 x HDMI Output on transmitter for ZWD-2522
– 4 x HDMI Input and 1 x HDMI Output on transmitter for ZWD-2622
– 4 x HDMI Input, 2 x YPbPr Input and 1 x HDMI Output on transmitter for ZWD-2822

– Omni-directional antenna system for maximum 66 feet LOS full HD video transmission distance
– Uncompressed HD audio/video wireless transmission at wire-equivalent quality
– Up to 1080p@60Hz video resolution
– No latency for playing high definition video games
– HDCP 2.0 for securing video transmission over wireless
– Included IR blaster extension cable lets you to point existing remote controller of source components at TV or receiver to operate device, even the devices are hidden in cabinet or other room.
– Present wireless linking status on TV screen
– Auto set-up, plug & play
– EDID/E-DDC 1.3 supported
– HDMI 1.3 supported
– CEC supported

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