Macro Winners Electronics shows $59 Android Game Console, HDMI Sticks, Single chip Game Consoles with accessories and more

Posted by – August 11, 2013

Macro Winners Electronics has a manufacturing factory in Shezhen with 200 employees that make HDMI Sticks, Android Game Consoles, Single chip Game Consoles and many other products.
They claim to sell at 3.5 million units per year mainly in USA and Europe.

They demonstrate some Game Consoles, HDMI Sticks and Single Chip Game Consoles in this video.

The Game Consoles are with a 5 inch screen or with a 7 inch screen comes with built-in Key Mapping Software to help gaining more control on the hardware controller and to make gameplay available for non supported games for the controller and also comes out of the box with an app that emulates Nintendo 64 Games, PlayStation Games, Nintendo Ds and Gameboy Series Games.

Price tag is 59$ for the 7 inch version and the 5 inch version with Action CPU costs 48$.

They make some Game Consoles that do not run Android but a proprietary OS and cost 28$.
They also make Single chip Game Consoles that you can play up to around 155 games and some accessories for it like Wireless Controllers and Shooting guns.

Filmed at the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) 2013
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