Hacking away with Android pt 7 – February 2011 overview on what you can- and can not do with Android (devices)

Posted by – February 11, 2011
Category: Tablets, Archos, Android

“Hacking away with Android” on Beyond The Keyboard takes a look at Android tablets, what they can do, what they are not yet capable of and what they should do in their opinion.
It has several nice and colorful graphics to compare and show the positioning, differences, gaps, possibilities and shortcomings of tablets in general and tablets compared with each other.

One of the “problems” with Android identified is the lack of hardware drivers for printers and scanners and the lack of support for multiple external drives.

Tablets brands compared are: Archos, Dell, Samsung and Creative. The iPad 1 is – due to its impact on the tablet market – added as a reference.