New smart refrigerator based on ARM

Posted by – November 26, 2010
Category: Other, Freescale

The brazilian subsidiary of Electrolux, together with ProFUSION Embedded Systems, have developed a new smart refrigerator called Infinity I-Kitchen that runs on a Freescale i.MX25 processor and was developed using Linux and the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries.

Here are features that could be provided in these intelligent fridges:
1. One-click wirelessly add missing ingredients to your Android device’s shopping list. Could also automatically place order for refill or for new ingredients with remote groceries delivery service.
2. It should somehow know what you have in the fridge. Preferably RFID would be used, but since that is not yet available. Somehow it should know. Maybe a built-in camera could figure from normal bar codes scanning, or manual input can be simplified.
3. Generate suggested recipes based on ingredients available, based on perrumption dates, based on calculating a healthy varied diet for each member of the house hold.

More info here, with links to screenshots and a virtual reality demo.