Microsoft Keynote: Hololens “open to partners” at Computex 2016

Posted by Charbax – June 3, 2016

Microsoft is trying to launch "the next generation" of Windows as a Holographic world, augmenting the world we already know, with computer graphics, using their system for headmounted holographic lenses, with the Hololens that also has sensors to measure distance of things in front of you, and in a specific area of your field of view it can try to position augmented graphics on top of your environment. Now Microsoft invites hardware partners in Taiwan, in Asia and in the world, to sign up with them to develop mass market Hololens based devices, hopefully to be sold at below the $3000 cost of the Microsoft Hololens development kit.

  • ildar

    so the kit would consist of hololens and sdk for app development? any partner can get the reference design for $3000?

  • as far as I understand, anyone can buy it for $3000 from Microsoft right now. But now Microsoft wants Asus and HP to make one and sell them for $2500. Or who knows maybe they would like to try to get it under $1000. I don’t know what microdisplays are used to make hololens, I wonder how much custom hardware Microsoft is funding for it.