JumpsPower AMG6S can start a car in Portable 6000mAh Power Bank size

Posted by Gennie – December 5, 2015

JumpsPower AMG6S is a 6000mAh pocket power bank with Jumpstarter function, shipping the the spark-proof clamp, it can Jump Start the dead battery of car, motorcycle, boat in seconds up to 10 times after full charging. With 5V/2A USB port, it also can used as a power bank to quickly charge the smart phone and tablet. With build-in LED flash light, it can used as a torch for emergency.

  • aaphid

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  • blipton

    I wonder how the JumpsPower AMG6S compares against the RavPower 500A

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  • blipton

    Or the Vehemo 400A !