Aikun President presents Solely tab S

Posted by Charbax – October 24, 2014

Among heavy competition from 500 or so Tablet Factories in Shenzhen, Aikun presents innovative new designs to differentiate and to try to bring the Shenzhen tablet market forward introducing new technologies that they position at premium level quality. You can read more about the Aikun Solely tab S series here:

You can contact Aikun here (please only contact if you're a serious distributor):
Contact information:
HK Mobile: +852 9265 0262
China Mobile: +86 138 0880 4957
Phone: +86 6110 2468 - 6110 2858
Skype: ralicea12
Factory Address:
A2 building, Lianhe Industrial Park, Fengtang Road,
Fuyong, Baoan, Shenzhen, China

  • blipton

    Maybe it’s just me, but better case material isn’t something I’ve been waiting for.

    I’d prefer to see more to make the tablet more usable:

    1) supporting dual boot Windows 8 & and android.. like the Ramos i10 with ConsoleOS

    2) AM/FM Radio Receiver, FM Transmitter. Seriously, no tablet has an am radio, what’s the deal?!

    3) Built-in ATSC Tuner for Over-the-Air (OTA) HD

    4) Induction charging. The Aikun concept is nice, but just an induction pad would be good, even if the charging wouldn’t be as fast.

    5) More sensors! Developers will come up with uses when the hardware is there. I’m always surprised how even the basic sensors are often not included (ex. gyroscope). (see the tricorder, sdr, and ramen spectrometer)

    6) Also, whatever happened to the promise of screencasting and wireless docking? Wasn’t the Wilocity/AirTame/WiGig 802.11ad technology supposed to be out this year?