Forbes: Intel to make ARM 64bit Processors in their Fab!

Posted by Charbax – October 30, 2013

You can read the news right here.

Intel confirms that they are ready to manufacture ARM Processors in their Fab. I've been suggesting this for years, now it seems to be true!

At the ARM developers’ conference today, Intel partner Altera announced that the world’s largest semiconductor company will fabricate its ARM’s 64-bit chips starting next year.

Of course!

Intel is to provide what the market wants, if people want ARM Processors, why should Intel not fabricate them in their Fabs?

Altera Corporation today announced that its Stratix 10 SoC devices, manufactured on Intel’s 14 nm Tri-Gate process, will incorporate a high-performance, quad-core 64-bit ARM Cortex™-A53 processor system, complementing the device’s floating-point digital signal processing (DSP) blocks and high-performance FPGA fabric.

Press release:

Why wouldn't Intel try to compete with Samsung, TSMC, Global Foundries to make the ARM Processor designs that the market wants!

Altera and Intel are pleased with the early results of the relationship between the companies and this announcement from Altera is consistent with the agreement we announced earlier this year. We have said that we will be open to manufacturing competitive architectures and would evaluate them on a case by case basis,

said Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy.

Also, I believe Intel is probably working on their own ARM Processors designs, why not ARM Intel for Laptops, for Tablets, for Smartphones, for Smart TVs, for the Internet of Things. I believe that Intel's new CEO was put into place to lead this new strategy at Intel, to make the processors that the market demands for.

Who knows, maybe Intel is able to make some of the best ARM Processors on the market, who knows, maybe Apple wants to make their next ARMv8 64bit Processor in an Intel Fab! Maybe Nvidia, Qualcomm would be happy to have some of their next ARM designs manufactured in Intel's Fab!


  • kcg

    Charbax, you are little bit into it, in fact more than reality is now. 🙂 First of all, Altera is not general ARM vendor, but is FPGA vendor. As their Xilinx competitor part of their product line provides hard-core ARM integrated with FPGA. That is also the case of just announced Stratix 10 line where they plan to integrate ARMv8 chip. So what’s up with this? Would you like to buy such arm chip for thousands of $? Just look at Stratix line pricing…

  • I don’t really know what this is about. But it clearly is an ARMv8 on 14nm Intel process design out of the Intel Fab isn’t it? Perhaps you can explain more what this is about and I may try to ask Altera on video here at ARM Techcon what this is about and what it means for Intel to be making this one. My upfront expexctation is that if Intel officially fabricates 64bit ARM for Altera, why wouldn’t they also easily be able to provide ARMv8 14nm fabrication to any other ARM vendor who asks for it. Sure Intel may charge them a premium pricing for the processors, but when smartphones and tablets and when ARM Powered laptops such as potentially a Macbook on ARM, ARM Chromebooks, ARM Powered servers, all those are potentially sold at ample higher prices that chip vendors may not mind making premium ARM devices out of Intel fabs, Intel does not have to compete for the low cost if they don’t want to, although I guess it would be best for them to offer ARM Processors in the whole range, from high-end (best in world) to lower cost also for the broader mass market, providing one does not need to cannibalize the other. Intel should just supply what the market demands for. As a Fab for fabless chip makers, and also as a chip maker themselves! Not doing this for Intel would just be a waste and a stubborn attitude trying to force the industry to only use their x86 which just not is neither good for their hardware partners nor is it good for Intel to stay fixated in that war mode against the ARM ecosystem for no good reason really.

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  • jl120

    x86 uses too much power and will soon be obsolete.

  • jl120

    It looks like the PC is really dead and x86 is no longer exciting. So now whats going to happen to gaming?