Shenzhen Tena RK3188 HDMI Stick Factory Tour

This videos show the process of manufacturing a RK3188 HDMI stick. The Rk3188 features lower temperatures and greater stability. Shenzhen Tena is one of the close partners of Rockchip in optimizing and implementing the latest Rockchip processors for mass market HDMI Sticks to be sold worldwide. In the tour of the factory the manufacturing as well as the test of the Android mini pc is shown such as the different machines that are used to add components. Though much of the manufacturing process is automated, some of it is done by hand in order to add specific components like the female micro usb and male HDMI out. The process of installing Android is demonstrated and it is simply done through a computer and is then tested out. Overall the manufacturing process is a mixed one involving both hands and machines.

Contact info (please only contact them if you are serious about buying/importing large quantities of these devices):
Shenzhen Tena Ltd
Sales manager: Calvin Huang