Archos 97b Platinum, RK3188 Retina

Posted by Charbax – May 14, 2013

Archos shows their first Rockchip RK3188 9.7" Retina tablet. Price to be confirmed (check back, I may get the expected pricing for you).

Filmed at the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) 2013

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  • Wesley

    What’s wrong with Archos? They said that their Platinum range of tablets and Android TV Connect would be released in Europe at the beginning of April and still they have not been released yet?

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  • CapitanSevilla

    I´m waiting for the platinum series since February. What about the Archos 80 Platinum?, has been delayed?, cancelled?. There will be a new 80b Platinum edition?…Come on Archos, I want it now!

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  • Michael Thompson

    What’s RIGHT with Archos?
    (Potentially shorter answer.)

  • Still waiting on mine, they said sometime in May the 97 Platinum HD is coming in stock. Well its near end of May and I don’t have a platinum and what’s more they announce the 97b platinum which is potentially a better device for about the same price. So now not only am I getting ripped off but will also be immediately out dated. If by the first Monday in June they don’t have it, I’m cancelling the order and getting my money back.

  • Mr X

    I want to be able to buy one of these updated Archos tablets, but we are still stuck with the Archos Titanium HD here in Denmark (online stores), which is by now very outdated.
    What’s worse is the continious announcements from Archos, which doesn’t let the consumer to buy the products. “You may look, but don’t touch”