Yota Devices E Ink and LCD dual-mode Android Phone

Posted by Charbax – January 10, 2013

Here's the YotaPhone, the first dual-mode Android phone that works on LCD and E Ink at the same time on each side of the phone. Yota has developed a few customizations and a new SDK to either just send screenshots of anything that's on Android over to E Ink or to also enable interactivity on the E Ink side, such as flipping pages with their swipe gestures at the capacitive bottom that is on each side of the device. Expected delivery is to be between Q2 and Q3 2013, Yota Devices is a Russian company but the market for this dual mode E Ink and LCD phone can be worldwide.

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  • both screens have 2 be on one side only as 2 layers, this wd b much practical in use than flipping phone back n forth. the color touch screen must b transparent with e ink in back layer. thus when not color screen in use just e-ink screen will b visible,and when color in use, e-ink just displays white reflective background. as simple as usefull))

  • Yes transparent LCD or AMOLED would be cool on top of E Ink, but I am not sure it’s possible yet, nor if when it’s going to be possible if the transparency is full, I guess it cannot be full thus the transparent screen does reduce the quality of the E Ink mode as there needs to be somekind of layer to cover the screen, and that full transparency with no glare/reflections may not be possible.

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