Happy New Year 2013!

Posted by Charbax – December 31, 2012

Happy 2013 everyone! Make your dreams come true.

Here's my new years speech to you from Copenhagen, by the view on the Danish fireworks from my mother's apartment. This is 3 days before my extensive insane CES 2013 Las Vegas video-blogging trip. Check back from January 6-15th for the best live and on-demand video-coverage of the latest new devices at http://ARMdevices.net

  • Maventwo

    Hopefully your CES visit will be less noisy!

    And the “fireworks” will instead be all news from the ARM-world and companies like Samsung,LG,AUO.CMEI etc.

    2013 will be the Tipping point-year for when smartphones will sell more than traditional non-smartphones
    according to digitimes predictions.

    2013 will also be the fatal year for Nokia.But even if Nokia can´t make it.
    Former Nokia employees will come with interesting news like the team behind Jolla and their Sailfish OS.

  • rformisa

    Happy 2013! I wish you the best luck, continue with your good work, letting us be in a lot of cool places, other way we can’t.

  • CES is going to be awesome! I’m trying to prepare myself so that I can hopefully find all the cool things to film. If everything works, I may be live-streaming the whole CES from a headmounted computer into a Google+ Hangout, if you’d like to join the Google+ Hangout stream to entertain people watching the live feed while my connection may be dropping off occasionally, you’d be welcome. Just reach out to let me know your Google+ profile page, you or anyone reading this who may be interested. I’ll post more infos when the time is approaching further. There’ll also be a live IRC chat for people watching the live video to be able to send me real-time comments to my headmounted display, so that I can thus augment my video-blogging, ask better questions, find better things to film, etc.