Arts et Métiers Museum in Paris, Lumiere, Daguerreotype, Lavoisier, Foucault

Posted by Charbax – December 10, 2012

Are you interested to see the Lumiere Brothers Cinematographe, the Daguerrotype camera, Lavoisier's Laboratory, Foucaults pendulum, Pascal's Calculator, the early TVs, Radios, Graham Bell's Telephone, the early Telegraph, early clocks, everything is at the Arts et Metier Museum in Paris, the permanent exhibition is breathtaking and incredible. All the foundations of our technological world seem to be exhibited in this Parisian museum. Next time you go to Paris, do check it out:

  • Maventwo

    Arts et Métiers Museum will be even more interesting as history museum, now when analog 35mm film will end as distributing and showing format in cinemas and movie theaters next year.
    When State-of-art technology for digital cinemas is Texas Instruments DLP mems-based DMD=Digital-Micromirror-Device circuits.