Cotton Candy FXI-Tech Exynos4210 HDMI Stick reviewed

Posted by Charbax – November 20, 2012

I think the Norwegian guys at Cotton Candy FXI-Tech actually kind of invented the HDMI stick market, when they first showed a prototype of the Cotton Candy exactly a year ago in November 2011. Since then, tons of other ARM SoCs have been shown and released to the worldwide market:
January 2012: Allways Innovating shows OMAP4 on HDMI Stick (not released yet as far as I know),
March 2012: Telechips Cortex-A5 ultra compact HDMI sticks (2, 3) appears (probably still the most compact)
May 2012: The Allwinner A10 Mk802 appears, has taken most of the market, appearing for $74 but now available for $25 from Shenzhen, a version is $40 with free worldwide shipping in the members store.
June 2012: Geniatech shows AmLogic single-core Cortex-A9 in HDMI Stick (available for $49 with worldwide shipping in the members store)
September 2012: RK3066 is ready for dual-core HDMI sticks
October 2012: The dual-core AmLogic MX HDMI stick and $99 with worldwide shipping the members store).
More RK3066 HDMI Sticks shown, the one with Bluetooth, mini-jack audio out and female HDMI port selling for $60 including worldwide shipping the members store.
And now perhaps the most powerful HDMI stick on the market is the i.MX6 Quad-core HDMI stick (2), available for $89 including worldwide shipping hopefully starting later today on the Members Store.

Read the full review of the Cotton Candy FXI-Tech HDMI Stick with many pictures here:

Re-watch my overview video of the latest HDMI Sticks from Shenzhen:

  • always innovating its the first invented the hdmi stick

  • Did Always Innovating talk about their HDMI stick earlier than November 2011? I first saw it at CES in January 2012 when I filmed my video with them, but it’s possible that Always Innovating already talked about it and showed it earlier and I didn’t know about it?

  • Jesse Lee

    OMAP is out of smartphone business thats why its not released nor is it ever going to be released.

  • OMAP is remaining in business at least until 2015 with OMAP5 coming out now. What TI announced is they don’t want to design OMAP6 for 2014 and beyond, at least not until they evt may get acquired by for example Google to be able to afford to continue.

  • Marius D.

    Hi, what is the name of the set top box?
    Tank you.