Charles Dickens on E Ink vs Tablets for reading outdoors

Posted by Charbax – November 14, 2012

Here is's official latest comedy video showing why we should all consider buying an eink e-reader, at least the crazy cheap $69 Kindle if you haven't already and let's get to some serious e-reading going on again if you aren't already.

I'm looking forward to spend more time outdoors with devices with sunlight readable screens, reading more of the awesome ebooks that I haven't read yet. I fill those up with the best of project for free, and still looking for Google to fix

By the way, I'm still very much looking forward to official Google Android support on E Ink, synchronize the Chrome browser on my Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone so that I can always continue reading articles, emails, blog posts, Google+ circles on the WiFi connected and automatically synchronized E Ink e-reader comfortably without a backlight.

Do you ever use your backlit smartphones, tablets or laptops to read your ebooks? I wouldn't recommend it, even turning down the brightness of the backlight doesn't come close to the experience of using a backlight-free, frontlit device for any serious reading indoors and outdoors.

  • Maventwo

    Silly commersial for E-ínk!

    Other types of display tech combined with photo voltaic cells in the frame of the display would make it possible to run the display outside for longer time than just only on a charged battery.

  • Jasper

    @Charbax There are already eink devices that will run semi-stock android, like rooted Nook Simple Touch, the problem is that Android *sucks* on eInk. The OS is so very much not built for refreshrates measured in seconds or hundreds of milliseconds rather than milliseconds. Not to mention of course that the CPUs used in eInk devices are anemic to the point of ridiculousness.