Overview of the latest/best 7″ Tablets out of Shenzhen China

Posted by Charbax – October 29, 2012

Here's my overview video showing some of the latest best value 7" Android tablets that I have found in Shenzhen on this trip. At least the samples that I was able to buy. $40 A13 800x480, $65 RK3066 1024x600, $80 NS115 1024x600 IPS, and there's also the sub-$50 VIA 8850 (which can run a Windows RT clone UI on top of Android), and I compare these with the $199 Kindle Fire HD.

  • Francisco Ramos

    Nicholas, it would be great if you can make a tablet with the different models and performance. That will help us to make some decisitions. Great Job !!! Keep it going.

  • Please write the model numbers/names expecially for the NS115

  • hmm it looks like an Acho C905T

  • Razvan Dragomirescu

    I’d love to check out the A13 one at $40 if you ever get it in the store. At that price point it starts to make sense as a “use anywhere” embedded controller with a screen (I actually have a project for something like this).

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  • Lloyd Prentice

    Hi Nicolas,

    Thanks for the great video.

    As an Erlang programmer, I’ve been looking at the low-cost ARM devices as candidates for low-power, low-cost clusters. Looking at some of the MK802 II-type offerings, it looks like all one would need is to do is replace HMDI with an Ethernet port and a SATA port and one would have a quite functional server.

    If they can build a tablet with screen at such low price point, it seems a simple low-cost server wouldn’t be much of a stretch. Are you aware of anyone in China offering such a product?

    If so, mix in SSDs, Erlang, and Riak, and one could have a quite respectable green cluster at minimal cost.

    Thanks again,


  • Have you looked at the Marvell powered plug computers? Some are called sheevaplug, some are made by other makers. Those don’t have hdmi output but instead ethernet and run all types of open source server software.

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  • Henry Honreo

    Instead of making these “me too” product with almost identical specifications to kill each other, will it be more feasible for the Chinese manufacturers to build something like the Asus Padfone tablet. I don’t mean the full set but just the tablet part of the Padfone so as to compliment the handsets made by various big and small brands. In this case, all the enemies became partners. This will help users time for transferring data between devices. As mobile phones are selling tens of million per year, it will be a handsome business if this tablet compliment can capture 1/10 of it.

  • Aaron Johnson

    “There is this one that I use everyday….” 4:47 into the video = you never specify what the device is, please note it here if you can also the price. Thank you.

  • Aaron Johnson

    OK I heard the price but you can specify brand and specifications please.

  • It’s the Archos 101 XS for $299 and keyboard coverboard dock for $49: http://armdevices.net/2012/08/25/archos-101-xs-review-ultrabook-killing-machine/ and Archos is releasing an 8″ for $199 and 9.7″ IPS for $299 also: http://armdevices.net/2012/10/13/archos-80-xs-and-archos-97-xs/ but I think I still prefer my 10.1″ sized form factor.

  • shattered

    Try to get tech support for it after it burns out in a year though.

  • MichaelSteele

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