Archos 80 XS and Archos 97 XS

Posted by Charbax – October 13, 2012

Archos is launching two more sizes for their Generation 10 Android Tablet series, including the $199 Archos 80 XS and the $299 Archos 97 XS, each with the optional $49 Archos Coverboard Keyboard Dock. I've been using my Archos 101 XS every day during these past 45 days, replacing my broken $1000 Intel Ultrabook for all of my on-the-go productivity and 10.1" Tablet usage. It's much thinner and lighter than an Intel laptop, the thin and light keyboard dock ads productivity to the already very awesome OMAP4470 tablet. The same priced $299 Archos 97 XS runs on the same OMAP4470 and the $199 Archos 80 XS runs on the Rockchip RK3066 processor to achieve thus a Nexus7-like price point with its own awesome thin and light magnetic Keyboard dock.

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  • max

    Any idea, why they chosen not to include mouse pad / touchpad like transformers

  • do you think is realy usefull with a 8″ / 9.3″ touchscreen?

  • It has to do with thickness, weight, balance, there has to be space behind the keyboard for the integrated stand for the way they designed G10, it’s not hugely bothersome to carry a little Bluetooth mouse in a pocket or in the same bag, that thus provides actually the optimal mouse input, as a separate wireless mouse is always preferable over a built-in mousepad, even if a super large highest quality mousepad, any separate mouse is best for real productivity. So I actually think it’s ok and I carry a little bluetooth mouse around.

  • I wish I could find a keyboard attachment like the ones for the Archos XS series for my Nexus 7.

  • Nexus 7 doesn’t have a keyboard connector on the bottom nor does it have magnets to fix the keyboard on top of the tablet, so you’ll have to look for some bluetooth keyboard that can somehow attach to the device, probably more bulky, less reliable, but still can be workable for you.

  • Aaron Johnson

    Where did you buy the Archos 101 XS?

  • It should be available for sale in the US imminently, it’s already for sale in Europe.

  • Dirk

    Hello Nicolas
    Where can i buy the 80xs online.
    on the Archos site it is not for sale.
    Dirk From Belgium

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