$116 13.3″ Allwinner A10 Laptop by Yones Toptech

Posted by Charbax – October 12, 2012

Check this cool size for an ARM Powered laptop with a 12-hour battery life. Now all we need is Chrome OS fully merged into Android 4.2 or 5.0, so the Chrome experience on Android can 100% the same as on Chrome OS on ARM for an ultimate mouse/keyboard laptop usage, some of the faster ARM processors, perhaps more RAM, Ubuntu on Android support and we're there!

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  • David Vincent

    do you know if this product might be available through the armdevices member store? definitely interested in getting the price on a sample!

  • I’m trying right now to get the best ARM Powered laptops in the store. Please check back and let me know which ones you think is best.

  • Alejandro M.

    if you see other laptops, can you ask for SATA? the A10 and iMX6 support it, but they neglect to use it :< …. it's very useful to hook an SSD on them. Thanks!