$69 i.MX6 Wandboard development board

Posted by Charbax – October 3, 2012

http://wandboard.org is launching this new $69 (single-core) and $89 (dual-core, with wifi/bluetooth) Freescale i.MX6 Solo/Dual based ARM Cortex-A9 development board. They say they start shipping around the middle of November. No word yet if there's going to be a quad-core i.MX6 Quad version also.

Read more about it at http://wandboard.org

  • Robert Jakiel

    Well seeing that the ODROID-X quad core is shipping for $129 that $89 pill is a bit hard to swallow.

  • yup but consider maybe the $129 ODROID-X doesn’t even include a power adapter, it’s the base board only. I had to pay something like $250 to get my ODROID-X board (which I’ll video-review as soon as I get smooth Ubuntu and Chrome OS installed on it etc) with shipping and with memory, wifi, bluetooth dongles and etc, those things may be included in the $89 Wandboard.

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  • Mike M

    Hmm. Looks nice. But do we really get SATA on the iMX6 Solo or DualLite? Freescale’s spec info says that port will be purely ornamental unless something strange is going on. And of course the Vivante graphics look a bit oddball. Be interesting to see what the kernel and drivers situation is…

    Still waiting for a sub £100 linux ARM board that can actually RUN desktop apps properly (ie Dual or Quad core, SATA, GFX acceleration). Been waiting a long time now…

  • ooo


  • Iso9660

    I’d like to know if the camera has a c-mount for the optics.

  • mr moo

    its great we will see soon Freescale power a range of budget boards with based on past performance decent linux driver and source support … finally we should be able to bin the poorly linux supported chinese SOC’s and start focusing on using the device and coding !
    saying all of this i would expect a quad core freescale board from any sizable party to be well under <US$100 .. fingers crossed and looking forward to binning the nightmare that has been Allwinner
    come on Genesi lets get a decent board out finally as well unless you have chickened out of the consumer market forever

  • mrmoocow

    100% agree and i bet we will see a quad core SATA freescale for a lot less than $100 fingers crossed

  • Great news!! Sometimes I think Android will beat ubuntu and may be used as a desktop OS, with socs like this, may be Android 4.2, what do you think about?

  • I expect Android 4.2 to fully integrate Chrome OS and Google TV into Android, for when HDMI outputs are used on any Androiud device.

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  • Robert Jakiel

    If they can ship a quadcore board w/ bluetooth and wireless embedded that would be great especially if they can come in at about $130 – $150. Otherwise the ODROID-X is still the way to go. Looking at what is described for this board there is no emmc memory on it so it would either not be available or in addition to the base cost. The total cost w/ shipping of the ODROID-X w/ the emmc module, power supply, wirless adapter and bluetooth module is a little over $200 and it is here NOW. Whereas this is still vaporware. Granted I would love to see it released, especially a quad core version, but I won’t be holding my breath.

  • franson

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  • ToreAvSporet

    Well, the price difference between the single core and full featured quad core is less than $15 so that should not be a problem, to come in below $100

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  • Nathan

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