HSA Foundation Keynote at IFA 2012

Posted by Charbax – September 4, 2012

Phil Rogers, President of the HSA Foundation (Heterogeneous System Architecture) comprising members ARM, AMD, Imagination Technologies, MediaTek, Samsung Electronics and Texas Instruments, at IFA is announcing new members Apical, Arteris, MulticoreWare, Sonics, Symbio and Vivante talks about The Next Era of Computing Innovation including the demonstration of a range of use cases for a standard to optimize the use of CPU and GPU to accelerate the performance of applications on devices and in the cloud.

  • Jml

    HSA IS WORTHLESS!!!!! its just there to make up for a lack of CPU performance.

  • raddude9

    Oh dear, this misconception again.

    Maybe I do have to explain.

    CPU’s and GPU’s are very different, each have their own strengths, GPU’s are great for bulk processing data in parallel. CPU’s are good at code that has lots of branches.

    HSA is about getting these two different ways of processing data to work well together because at the moment they don’t.