Archos 101 XS launched, check back for my video-review tomorrow

Posted by Charbax – August 22, 2012

Sure $299 with keyboard would have been nicest, but even at $399 it's a no-brainer:

Archos 101 XS with keyboard: $399
Asus Transformer Pad TF300 with keyboard: $528 (+33%)
Acer Iconia Tab A700 with keyboard: $598 (+50%)
Asus Transformer Prime with keyboard: $648 (+63%)
iPad3 with keyboard: $598 (+50%)
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with keyboard: $598 (+50%)
Microsoft Surface with keyboard: $599 (likely) (+50%)

Archos 101 XS is the thinnest, the lightest, has better performance than Tegra3, offers fastest GPU and memory bandwidth on the market (the 32nm Exynos4412 probably beats or equals though), offers features none of those more expensive devices have.

Check back for my initial extensive video-review of Archos 101 XS Gen10 tomorrow!! I expect to use this as my favorite 10" device to replace all other 10" tablets, Netbooks and Ultrabooks in the months to come.

  • yuricarpenter

    What I love from this device is its detachable keyboard with Android hot keys, which also acts as a cover. The keyboard cover (or coverboard) snaps onto the tablet screen with powerful magnets – and I must choose whether I am a ‘slider’ or ‘peeler’ when detaching the coverboard from the screen.

  • max

    Nice to see your post charbax. Few things that are bugging me.
    MVA display, Meeker battery working time,November availability date (really archos?), No 3G option.

    Archos is getting late in the game, not sure why. But they are missing the bus.
    By that time a dualcore CPU/quadcore GPU RK3066/ 1280×800 IPS 10.1″ capacitive display 1GB ram and 8000mAh battery equipped tablet will be selling on aliexpess for $149. They are already reached at $199 price point, and most of the Europe tablet sales now a days is going to China.

    Archos should hustle up.

  • MVA is a great screen technology that keeps being improved. There isn’t only IPS on the market. There are 1000 different LCD technologies. Archos’s MVA has better black levels and a better contrast than iPad3. Also it allows Archos make a thinner, lighter and cheaper device.

    Availability starts in September for Europe. Europe just is a more important market for Archos, the USA is a pain for Archos, they even get sued in Texas courts by Sandisk and other bogus companies, the USA just isn’t a very business friendly market. But fear not, Archos Gen10 is going to be available in the USA from October/November, around there. I think it may also be an issue of the yield and volume of OMAP4470 yet being available for mass production, this is the first OMAP4470 product to reach the market.

    Why do you say Archos is late to the game? This is a faster processor than iPad3 Apple A5X, it’s faster than Tegra3. Archos is going to be the first to release RK3066 stuff as soon as that processor is ready for worldwide launch and yes the RK3099 9.7″ IPS and 10.1″ 1280×800 from Archos is going to be $199 and available in Europe and the USA.

  • Android

    Listen to the marketing director video – it will ship in October in Europe.. Sorry fix your facts,,,

  • Charbax is again the fan boy

    You are missing some tests in your publication… Why are you only showing the ones where archos is on top… Be honest for a change…

  • Availability is middle of September for Europe. As late possibly as November for the USA.

  • I didn’t show black levels and contrast where Archos is also on top. The most important benchmarks are the web browsing related ones as browsing the web is the single most important app.

  • Robert Jakiel

    Don’t know where you are getting the info on these benchmarks from but they are WAY off. My Transformer Prime runs Sunspider 0.91 w/ a score of 1435, Browsermark score of 147692, I was only able to find Basemark ES 2.0 Taiji and ran it at the native resolution of the T-Prime of 1280×752 and it scored a 15.72. So with a higher res it still scored the same as the lower res you show listed. So yes the GPU is arguably stronger at general benchmarking. In the same respect those applications and games optimized for the nVidia platform in the TegraZONE are much more fluid and graphically impressive. Either way the Archos 101XS while nifty is still $100 too much for what it is.